RiboKit : HiTRACE

High-Throughput Robust Analysis for Capillary Electrophoresis


HiTRACE is a collection of MATLAB scripts to automate the key tasks in large-scale nucleic acid CE analysis, including the profile alignment that has heretofore been a rate-limiting step in the highest throughput experiments. It has been intensively used for quantitating data for RNA and DNA based on the mutate-and-map methodology, chromatin footprinting, and other high-throughput structure mapping techniques.

An online user-friendly GUI is available at the HiTRACE Web.


HiTRACE requires MATLAB version >= R2011a. To install HiTRACE, simply follow instructions here.



Copyright © of HiTRACE Source Code is described in LICENSE.md.


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Developed by Das lab (Leland Stanford Junior University) and Yoon lab (Seoul National University) and colleagues.

README by t47, April 2016.

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